Beginning with a mysterious plague and culminating in an evil god's rebirth and the destruction of the world, the Explicitum Pariculus campaign was literally legendary.

The history of the infamous Company of Cordova is the story of Explicitum Pariculus - where did they come from, what did they accomplish, and how did this adventuring group both save and destroy the multiverse? What was the Soul Gem, how were the gods defeated, and why did the Cordova Event occur? All these questions were answered in campaign ONE of the great Legacy of the Soul Gem campaign arc.

Covering more than 6 years of gaming, this massive campaign saw over 20 players and almost a dozen different PCs as the Company of Cordova evolved over the course of time. Their exploits will slowly be revealed for those now embarking on the second campaign – Deific Recrudescence.

Explicitum Pariculus