Explicitum Pariculus

The Plague

The town of Eveningstar was a quaint hide-away for rich nobles and merchants. It was a vacation-ground for adventurers. It was a safe and prosperous home for good and loyal citizens of Cormyr.

The townsfolk have also recently been blessed with the discovery of a small silver-vein in the gorge just north of the village. A wealthy merchant's son, Eric Boyer, had just begun excavations and enlisted the townsfolk to help with the mining operations. Migrant workers flocked to Eveningstar for the promise of wealth.

Then, quickly, tragedy struck. The local lord, Lady Tessaril Winter, and most of the town's royal contingent had just left the town to attend the birthday celebration of King Azoun IV. Soon after their departure, some of the men working at the mine came back delirious and sick. Some did not come back at all. A mysterious plague had infected the town.

Eveningstar was in peril.  The plague spread slowly at first, its victims dying of fever and a horrible coughing and choking. Gradually, the plague spread throughout the area, infecting some and causing others to flee or lock themselves in their homes. Those in the out-lying farms would make no move to bring supplies or help to the ailing townsfolk.  Fear gripped the area and Eveningstar was quarantined.

The town seemed destined to sit and wait, and slowly die.  Then, when all seemed lost, five would-be heroes entered the town:

  • Keth, known as the "Foehammer", was a young half-orc Cleric of Tempus.  He was hired to find Roger Dobney, a young run-away who owed a debt to a criminal organization.
  • Ave Seregon, a promising Elven Wizard, was hired by Thomas Boyer to check on his son and the mine.
  • Vaudos, a young and noble barbarian, was hunting down a tribe of Kobolds that had been harassing his village.
  • Avery Dennison, a quick and able rogue, was hired to deliver a mysterious package to the quarantined town.
  • Faith Justice, Paladin of Illmater, the broken god, had been hired to guard the silver mine against thieves.  That was before the plague.

These five strangers met at Jack's Last, a roadside in just outside of Eveningstar.  The inn was packed with people asking for news of the town or of loved ones who might me infected with the plague.  The 5 strangers decided that they would break the quarantine and enter the town.  They would risk their lives to help those people and find a cure for their mysterious plague.



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